Project Description
GL2DX is a wrapper library that allows you to build your OpenGL app for WinRT. It implements a small subset of the OpenGL API by re-routing them to their DirectX equivalents. This allows you to re-use your existing drawing code on WinRT without having to replace it with DirectX. This project uses the MIT license, which is a very permissive license, so feel free to use it and extend it and include it in your commercial products.

If you would like more tips on porting a mobile app to Windows 8, check out this blog article.


  • Converts your OpenGL function calls into DirectX equivalents
  • Includes a sample project that demonstrates how to use OpenGL code and a XAML UI
  • Uses a permissive license so that you can extend the library to meet your needs

Screenshot of the sample app that shows how to mix OpenGL and XAML UI elements:

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